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Meet Wenalyn

Entrepreneur, Principal. Instructional Leader. Large Sweet Tea Drinker. Techie. Coach of Many Things. Consultant & Event Planner. Jack of Many Trades. AKA.

Yep, meet the educator aneW. Most people either know me from my design, decor, planner world. Others of you know me from my educator's side. 

Welp, I actually went to school (North Carolina A&T State University) to become a teacher. Because of the requirements of the program and me not being able to pass the math portion of my PRAXIS I had to change my major my junior year. I changed my major to English. 

Long story short, I entered the education world, Lateral Entry. I started my first year of teaching the day before school started. 

You Are What You Teach!

You just have to read or listen to find out if you really are what you teach!


When I was preparing to become a school principal the question was posed to me, "What is your leadership journey.  The only thing about that is that my leadership story included various people throughout my career. I created a questionnaire for these mentors, colleagues, peers, and students. Each person I sent the questionnaire to had impacted and made my leadership story. 

The following questions were asked:

1. What do you think my educational beliefs are?

2. What do you think my educational values are?

3. What do you think my educational approaches are?

4. What do you think my educational experiences involve?

5. What do you think I could bring to ANY school?

* Your 2cents! Anything extra you want to add!

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Response to #1

I believe you are a proponent of life-long learning and respect diversity. Not just ethnic diversity, but diverse ways in how people (students and faculty) learn and the limitation thereof. From my vantage point, you push to ensure that equity is a present for rural students or those that are economically blessed. You tend to focus on collaboration and leadership for all and strive to enhance the pedagogical skills of educators.

Tamika Davis

Holstic Techie

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Response to #3

Inclusivity, activism, fostering a love of learning, and embracing challenges.

Shannon Peeples

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Response #4

I think your approach varies with each situation (hence personalization) but generally, I know you to be a planner. You like to see the big-picture first and figure out what works and then tweak/revamp what doesn't. If it doesn't work, you are willing to revisit your methods, solicit input and iterate until you have a better outcome.

Jerolyn Brown

Apple Educational Specialist

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